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Your connection to unique gifts, arts & crafts, food, apparel, and more from refugee artists, artisans, vendors, and organizations that help refugees. Make a difference for refugees with every purchase you make.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

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Art Tepuy

Supporting Venezuelan artisans since 2015 and sharing with the world the passion and unlimited resiliency of Venezuelan artists and makers.

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Ginger Bandar

We are a small business founded to support artisans in India to bring forth their arts and crafts in a way that signifies the beauty with the functionality. We have been around for about 3 years now evolving in our products and craft storytelling. We work directly with these artisans residing in remote villages in Kutch, Gujrat, India.

Love Without Borders

What started out as a simple gift of crayons and paper to refugee children in northern Greece has transformed into an international pop art exhibition, giving a voice to thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, and has inspired hope, healing and empowerment. 100% of the proceeds from art sales go directly to the artist. All the art is created in Greece at our workshops. See the video story:

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Our Handcrafted Holiday Collection is a 20-piece series of stunning ornaments, each reflecting the history, traditions and journeys of refugee artisans.  Each ornament is a symbol of solidarity that is crafted by refugees and brought to you by MADE51, a new global brand from the UN Refugee Agency. See the video story:

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FenZoul Gallery aims to preserve, leverage, and amplify the voices and talents of communities of color through art. FenZoul Gallery donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to organizations supporting social justice. Buyers chooses which organization they’d like the donation to support. See the video story.

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From Egypt With Love

All my life, I remember watching my father Epy create beautiful pieces of jewelry. His craftsmanship and style is well known, not only in the market of Khan El Khalili, but in Cairo Egypt. His customers ranged from everyday shoppers to diplomats. At the sweet age of nine, my father started his venture making jewelry and continued until his last breath, in June 2017. During his venture, his design, work, and his name came to be well-known. He was a master in creating jewelry.

Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization building a better future for Syria. We do this by investing in Syrian refugee youth, students, and families, and guiding them on their individual pathways to leadership. Since 2007, we have been serving Syrian refugee communities in the United States, Turkey, and Jordan through mentorship, education initiatives, sustainable aid, and community-driven programs. We are on a mission to build 10,000 Leaders for the future of Syria by the year 2028.

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Prosperity Candle

A social enterprise that supports refugees and artisans through candle-making and beautifully crafted vessels easily refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment. As we like to say, there's a story behind every candle we pour. Behind every candle we pour is a resilient woman and her journey toward a brighter future. Whether fleeing persecution, a war widow, or a mother escaping poverty, her strength and perseverance have led her to Prosperity Candle. She is rebuilding her life one candle at a time. See the video story:

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Wills Art

Washington D.C. based Will Salha has been perfecting his skills in impressionism ever since he was very young; his art style is born from the womb of his younger years, where he grew up in a small town in Lebanon -Raselmatn- with beautiful nature and scenery.

Global Goods Partner

Global Goods Partners (GGP) is committed to providing sustainable jobs for women—widely proven to be the key to community development and family wellbeing. In partnership with women-led, community-based organizations, GGP taps into the rich well of skill and artistry that is passed from one generation of women to the next. We invest all proceeds from product sales in developing sustainable market access as well as providing training and funding to enable our partners to prosper and thrive well into the future. See the video story:

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Artisans Beyond Borders

Artisans Beyond Borders calms trauma and restores grace, agency, and income for asylum-seekers and their families who are waiting indeterminably for asylum in shelters and on the streets at the Mexico port of entry. Through their heritage handcraft - original one-of-a-kind embroideries - they offer us a piece of themselves for our homes. See the video story.





One Journey presents the food and stories of refugee chefs and refugee-owned restaurants and food trucks across DC, New York, and Chicago.

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Dafero believes in using food for social good, crafting delicious yet sugar-free sweets that everyone can enjoy while supporting and employing the most vulnerable women in our communities. We directly support refugee women and former trafficking victims on a path to self-reliance through life skills and workforce apprenticeships. See the video story:

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The Cuisine of Life

The Cuisine of LIFE is a unique collection of wisdom, stories, and culinary treasures from some of the leading minds in the food industry internationally and rising stars in Turkey. ​ This book combines short essays about the special role of food in building community with 58 recipes you can prepare at home. See the video story:

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Online & retail restaurant serving authentic multicultural meals from around the globe, handcrafted by emerging immigrant & refugee chefs, served to your family through online delivery and retail locations. We use the power of food to create living wage job opportunities & economic mobility for communities of diaspora, while enriching our communities through delicious foods and cultures.

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RefuTea supports refugee efforts and needs by selling blends of loose leaf teas and donating ten percent of profits at the end of each quarter to local refugee resettlement agencies. RefuTea loose leaf teas are ethically sourced and naturally flavored.

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734 Coffee

734 Coffee is about building a brighter future for the displaced mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of Sudan. Our coffee is harvested by growers right in the Gambela region, and after it is brought to the US, proceeds go right back to scholarships and education programs for refugees of Sudan. See the video story:



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Threads by Nomad

Threads by Nomad is a lifestyle brand that seeks to celebrate diversity through design, and to create opportunities to thrive for those who are displaced or in danger of displacement. Threads by Nomad sources fabric from across the globe, employs refugees in the United States, and provides an avenue for micro-enterprise entrepreneurs worldwide to sell their creations. See the video story:

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Our company was founded by a former Somali refugee in 2018 who grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to the US. We employ refugees in almost every step of our process, and we donate a portion of profits to our nonprofit partners including UNHCR among others. Our products are made with discarded life jackets that were once worn by refugees, and they serve as a symbol of hope and strength with the goal of changing the narrative about supporting refugees.

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Treetops Collective

Treetops Collective journeys with teen girls and women who have been through refugee resettlement as they pursue economic and social success in our community, seeking to thrive rather than just survive in their new home. Our Sister Circles program connects them to people and opportunities, while our Social Enterprise program connects them to the marketplace and celebrates their gifts.

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Our Culture is Love

By partnering with certified B-Corps, non-profits, and fair trade artisan groups we bring you a curated collection of modern ethical goods. Investing in women and community-based artisans is a great way to make tomorrow better.

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Forai, Inc. (Friends of Refugees and Immigrants) is a non-profit providing dignity, empowerment and community to resettled refugee and immigrant women in St. Louis by teaching job skills and marketable handicraft skills through sewing and jewelry-making training and employment. We provide home-based income generating opportunities for approximately 12 Forai artisans who make all of Forai's beautiful jewelry and textiles. See the video story.

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Loom is a group of Refugee Women Artisans who create functional art and accessories. These are women who have fled war and violence from around the globe and have resettled in Chicago. At Loom these ladies form a supportive community, learn from each other and local artists and earn an income. Women from Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Uganda, Syria and Iraq gather weekly to create projects and learn new skills.

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Preemptive Love

Gifts to end war. The gifts you give can change the world. They can help a refugee’s small business flourish. They can remind a loved one that they matter. They carry a message of welcome and peace into spaces dominated by fear and mistrust. They’re a reminder of the more beautiful world that’s possible. See the video story:

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Change the World

I’m LeeAnne, the founder of Change the World by How You Shop. Like most Americans, I never thought about how my buying choices were affecting others. Then one day I watched a documentary that broke my heart. I realized people were actually suffering to create the products my family bought. It caused me to stop and prayerfully examine the way I shopped. I launched this website to help give folks like you a way to Change the World by How You Shop!

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Re:new Project is a faith-based nonprofit committed to serving refugee women by creating a safe place to thrive. We do this through offering free sewing and English classes to refugee artisans who have been resettled in our community and hiring students after graduation. From there, Artisans are offered flexible employment and create beautiful one-of-a-kind products from upcycled materials.



Cheick Hamala

CHEICK HAMALA Cheick Hamala Diabate is a Grammy nominated, West African Griot. He is a prominent musician in DC and has played all over the globe to amplify Malian and Malian refugee voices. View work

Yana Nikol & Christian Perez

Yana and Cristian hail from Bulgaria and Argentina and are local DC musicians who specialize in jazz and world music. They also lead a weekly open mic session in Virginia. View Christian’s work

Spyros Koliavasilis

Spyros is an oud, bouzouki, saz, kemane, laouto and canto teacher. He performs worldwide, and gives workshops on Greek and Mediterranean music. He hails from a family of refugees and his music speaks to their story. View work

Leila Mire

Leila is a dancer, choreographer and educator. She passionate about arts equity and has taught around the world, including refugee camps in Jordan. She is partnering with TCDE to continue educating during the pandemic. View work

Abraham Mwinda

Abraham Mwinda is a singer, songwriter, rapper and former refugee from Congo who resides in the US. View work

Victor Lepri & Meera Chakravarthy

Victor and Meera are a multicultural piano and flute duo who perform music from Brazil with both American Jazz improvisation and traditional Indian influences. View Victor’s music and Meera’s work

Project Tag.jpeg
Project Tag

Project TAG is directed by Hussein Smko, an NYC-based dancer originally from Iraqi Kurdistan. Hussein was the first recipient of Battery Dance’s Adel Euro Campaign for Dancers Seeking Refuge. View work  (PC Yu Mengci)

The Yehla Collective

The Yehla Collective is an eclectic group of musicians formed over a project to document subversive songs that defied communism during the Cold War. They perform the translated works of Czech political refugee Karel Kryl, among other musical icons. View work

Silk Road.png
Silk Road Dance Co.

Silk Road Dance Company is dedicated to the preservation, promulgation, and evolution of endangered dance forms and traditions from cultures along the Great Silk Road trade route linking China with the Mediterranean. View work and online class offerings

Michael Kweku

Michael is a percussionist and drum maker from Accra, Ghana. He moved to the US in 2010 and has founded a store in Brentwood, MD called Hands on Drums and a Ghanaian NGO called Drumming Up from Poverty.


Wayta specializes in Andean musical traditions and believes in music as an agent of emotional communication for social justice and a form of resistance against colonialism and imperialism. View work

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