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Meet Immigrant Food, Washington D.C.’s “Cause Casual” Restaurant

Opening Nov 12 with a Day of Entertainment by Immigrant Artists.

With Immigrant Food is the innovative new restaurant that celebrates America’s migrants. Here, award-winning chef Enrique Limardo is reimagining the food of America’s migrations.

Opening its doors November 12th at 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, a quarter block from the White House, Immigrant Food will celebrate the tastes and gastronomies of America’s immigrants while also creating a place for advocacy, change, and community. Suggested style? “Cause casual.”

Chef Limardo launches Immigrant Food in partnership with Seven Reasons’ Co-Owner Ezequiel Vazquez-Ger, and renowned global policy expert and political adviser, Peter Schechter. The restaurant’s mission is four-pronged: to offer customers delicious fusion dishes; to celebrate America's immigration heritage; to open its doors to immigrant service organizations; and to become an advocate in the immigration debate.

For opening day, Immigrant Food asked One Journey to help with pulling together a day of exciting entertainment. “It’s a superb event and venue for furthering our goal of amplifying the artistic voices of immigrants and refugees,” says One Journey co-founder Vanda Berninger.

The restaurant will have an engagement menu adjacent to its food menu, enabling guests to contribute and volunteer with extraordinary immigrant-service organizations.Our restaurant celebrates America’s story - the story of immigrants, the special mix of people and cultures that made America great...again and again,” says Schechter, co-founder and author of the concept. “At a time when change seems so difficult, we wanted to create a restaurant that’s a fusion of food and advocacy. Let’s call it gastroadvocacy.”

“Immigrant Food’s dishes reflect how we see America at its core: diverse, nourishing and welcoming. This restaurant embraces those values,” explains Chef Limardo. “It was a wonderful challenge to find bridges between the incredible food of Mexico and India or El Salvador and Ethiopia. It took a lot of experimenting, but people are going to smile at these new twists on familiar tastes they know and love.”

This is just part of the adventure Immigrant Food’s fusion of dining and doing good. For more information, visit or interact on social media, @immigrantfood.


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